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Cottage Mary Rose
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Cottage Mary Rose

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Owners of Cottage Mary Rose

We fell in love with County Kerry on our first visit in 1996. I knew then that some day I would own a traditional thatched cottage. When I was searching one evening I spotted the Cordal cottage on line and immediateley knew this was thatched cottage.

It had been in ruin for around 10 years and was saved and refurbished by the Smith family from England. They had restored both remaining Cordal cottages, which are next to each other.

Originally known as Powder Flynn's cottage, Jearamiah (Powder) was a life time resident whose family link to the cottage dates back 150 years. He at one time used part of the cottage for a shop. Many of Cordals older generation have passed through that door.

By the way his nickname came from the fact that he worked for the Kerry County Council road division and always had dust on him. His picture hangs in the cottage today.

We named the cottage after my mother Mary Rose Bowler-Harty who still enjoys her trips to the cottage annually. Cottage Mary Rose has been a labor of love. We have taken the humble cottage to a different level than it was when we bought it. We have touched every thing there.

My son and I have cleaned out the stream, planted the garden and rebuilt stone walls. This past spring we even decided to White Wash it ourselves. White washing is an ancient tradtion of mixing lime and water which is used as a protective finish for the old exterior stone walls.

We reside in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, United States with our 3 dogs, Minnie Pearl, Mr. Conrad and Magnolia. Minnie Pearl was adopted in Castleisland in 2003. Mr. Conrad, the Border Collie, had been abandoned in the farmlands, and we rescued him in 2007.

Warm wishes to all,
William, Sergius and Mary Rose Harty

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